Established in 1960 the Murrumba Pistol Club has grown to be one of the largest pistol clubs in Queensland Australia, with membership now exceeding 200 members. The Club provides an extensive range of facilities designed to cater for the shooting requirements and enjoyment of its members. Here at Murrumba Pistol Club we can offer both competitive and recreational shooting.

The sport of Pistol Shooting is a very challenging sport that can be enjoyed by all members of the family from the age of 11 years and up. We offer various levels of membership to suit individuals through to spouse’s and families, check the Membership page for further information and full details of our membership offering.

Our sport is strictly regulated and safety conscious. Pistol shooting in Queensland is administered by Pistol Shooting Queensland (formerly QAPSA). The sport, shooters, and their firearms are strictly regulated by the Weapons Licencing Branch of the Queensland Police Service ensuring that the required safety levels for the sport are maintained and upheld. All ranges are registered and inspected regularly to ensure all legislative and regulatory requirements are met.

You are most welcome to visit our Club during our normal office hours. A committee member will be able to outline details relating to the sport, how the Club operates, and the different levels of membership available.

At Murrumba Pistol Club we provide:

  • A friendly supportive Club in a country atmosphere in Caboolture
  • Organised shooting matches Tuesday morning and Tuesday evening, Friday and Sunday mornings
  • Approved safety courses
  • In depth training in the proper and safe use of firearms
  • Free coaching
  • All weather facilities Accredited and approved ranges