Transferring from another Club...

Transferring from another Club into Murrumba Pistol Club can be accomplished quite simply by contacting us and making an appointment for an interview, refer to the Contacts page for contact details.

At the interview you will need to provide the following items:

  • A letter from your current Club stating that you are a current financial member
  • Your Concealable Firearms Licence
  • Your current Pistol Shooting Queensland membership card.  Should you be transferring from a SSAA Club please provide your SSAA membership card.  Murrumba Pistol Club is a Pistol Shooting Queensland affiliated Club, and Pistol Shooting Queensland affiliation for Club members is mandatory, we do not offer non affiliation membership.
  • Your Pistol Club Shooters Participation Card showing attendances for the past 12 months.
  • Two character references.  Character references from family members are not accepted.

Once we are satisfied with your previous membership, you will be provided with a membership application form which you can complete and submit.  All membership applications are reviewed and ratified by the Club management committee, committee meetings are conducted on the first Wednesday of each month, excluding January.

Once your membership application has been ratified you will be contacted by mail advising that you have been accepted, plus the required fees that you must pay.  Membership commences once you have paid the necessary fees.




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