Covid Requirements

MPC COVID GUIDE (updated 15/04/2022)

1. Food handling: Anyone preparing food and drink for others to consume, and those topping up the tea, coffee, sugar, stirrers etc. should wear gloves or wash their hands before starting and regularly throughout the task.

 2. Notification: Members with confirmed Covid diagnoses or exhibiting Covid symptoms must advise the Club and stay away from the range until they receive medical clearance.

3. Members should sanitise their hands upon arrival, during and before leaving the range.

4. Surface clean: All counter tops, benches, tables, seating and equipment must be cleaned after every shoot (twice on Tuesdays) and is every member’s responsibility.

5. At Risk: Many club members are in the age group most at risk from Covid; following the best hygiene practices is vital to protect every ones health. Please keep this in mind.

** Subject to change.