Murrumba Benchrest Rifle…

Benchrest is shot with rimfire .22 Long calibre rifles, fitted with a telescope, over 50 yards.

As the name implies, rifles are fired, the shooter seated at a bench/table, from rests that support the fore-end, and a second rest that supports the butt.  All benchrest matches are single shot matches.  Rifles can be as factory or custom built.

Matches shot at Murrumba Pistol Club are:

1.Benchrest Hunter Class –
Shot on a single target which contains Six (6) smaller targets – Five (5) are scoring targets and one (1) is a sighting target.This large target is shot five times.  Each of the smaller targets are one shot only.  Highest possible score on each small target is 10.1, therefore the highest possible score for the match is 259 plus the total of 0.1 scores as per SSAA Benchrest rules.NOTE – the sighting target can be shot as many times as the shooter requires, however this target, as usual, does not score.
2.Standard Benchrest –
This match is shot on five (5) targets.Each target contains a sighting target and a scoring target.  There are unlimited sighting shots with five (5) shots on the scoring target.  Each scoring target is scored for the tightest group measured across the shot holes, to three decimal places.  Five (5) shots are fired on each scoring target, for a total of 25 shots.  The top score is the shooter with the smallest group measurements added over the five targets as per SSAA Benchrest rules,
3.R.B.A. Benchrest –
This match is shot on two (2) targets with each target containing five rows of five smaller targets plus a number of smaller sighting targets.One shot fired on each small target, with highest scoring shot being 10.1, with unlimited sighting shots on sighting targets.  Highest score for the 50 (50) scoring shots fire is 250 plus the total of 0.1 scores as per RBA Benchrest rules.
4.Murrumba Sheepstation Shoot –
This match is shot on two targets with each target containing various smaller targets of varying sizes and forms.  There are NO sighting shots.Twenty five (25) shots fired on each target with a total of fifty (50) shots for the match.
The smaller targets may command one shot or multiple shots on certain targets.  The score is calculated with the number of shots contained within the target perimeters.  The hghest score for the match is fifty (50) points.