How to Join

Joining the Club is a straight forward process…

Simply follow the steps below, complete and submit the necessary paperwork.

  1. Unlicenced Persons Only
    • Obtain the form – APPLICATION FOR STATEMENT OF ELIGIBILITY TO JOIN AN APPROVED PISTOL SHOOTING CLUB (form QP515) from your local Police station, complete and return the form to your Police station for approval.  If approved, you will receive a document in 2 – 3 weeks.
    • Be aware that this statement is valid for only 3 months.
    • You are also required to submit 2 character references, from persons knowing you for more than 2 years (references from family members excluded) with your application to the Club.
  2. Licenced Persons
    • If you hold a current Queensland Firearms Licence (Categories A & B or Category H) you are not required to submit a form QP515, but  you will need 2 character references and a declaration of other Club membership as above.
  3. Firearms Safety Course
    • Undertake the approved Safety Course that is conducted at the club.  To do this, make a booking with Don McBryde Phone on 0419 659 168.  Courses are conducted on the second or third Saturday of the month commencing at 8:30am sharp.  Course bookings are essential.
    • Applicants that possess only an A or B licence will only need to complete the legislation and Category H components.
    • In due course you will receive a STATEMENT OF ATTAINMENT, which is valid for 12 months.
  4. Apply for membership of the Murrumba Pistol Club Inc.
    • Call into the club on any Tuesday evening at 7:30pm for an introductory interview with the Club Captain.
    • Complete the Club’s Membership Application Form
    • Supply 2 Character references on the Club’s Forms.  Immediate family members cannot be used to provide a reference.
    • Attach copies of:
      • Statement of Eligiblity (if applicable)
      • Statement of Attainment
      • Current Drivers Licence
      • Current Firearms Licence (if applicable)
      • Current SSAA Membership (if applicable)
    • Your application will be reviewed at the next committee meeting, held during the second week of each month.  The secretary will contact you personally to advise if your application was successful and the fees to be paid by you.  Upon payment of the fees you will receive your:
      • Training manual
      • Club membership number
      • Club membership badge
    • There are no additional charges, e.g. range fees, for shooting on the range.
  5. Probation Period
    • Once accepted into Murrumba Pistol Club Inc., your 6 months probation period commences. During this time you will:
    • Need to purchase ear and eye protection
      • Need to attend training sessions conducted on the 3rd Tuesday evening of each month, commencing at 7:00 pm
      • Need to complete and sign a Form 33 – this form stays at the Club.  You must sign every time you come along to shoot.
      • Receive a Club Training Manual, which is a very important and comprehensive document.
      • Be coached and monitored by a Club trainer during this time.
      • Use a Club firearm under the supervision of your trainer.
      • Will participate in the following matches:
        • 10m Air Pistol
        • 25m Standard Pistol
        • 25m Sport Pistol
  6. Concealable Firearms Licence
    • If at the end of 6 months you have met all the mandated requirements and demonstrated your proficiency, you may apply for your Concealable License.  This will be explained at this time.  Licences have a 5 year duration.
  7. Firearms Usage
    • Your Concealable Licence entitles you to own and use a concealable firearm on an approved range ONLY.  Under NO circumstances can you use this firearm for any other purpose e.g. hunting out on a property.  You must carry your licence with you at all times.
  8. Retaining a Concealable Licence
    • For a person to retain a Concealable Licence (Category H), that person must:
      • Be a financial member of an approved Shooting/Pistol Club as defined by the Ranges and Galleries Section of the Weapons Licencing Branch, and
      • Maintain a participation record of their competition attendances.
    • The Weapons Act specifies that a licenced person who owns 1 firearm, must have 6 attendance’s for each 12 month period.  If a person has more than 1 firearm, there must be  4 attendance’s for each category e.g. 4 categories = 16 competition attendance’s.
    • Each year in June, Category H licence holders must complete an Attendance Declaration with copies of the dates of participation.  This audit is carefully checked against Club Range Registers.  If a person does not meet his/her participation requirements, or fails to submit an Attendance Declaration, they are marked as NON Compliant, and the Weapons Licencing Branch is duly notified.  These persons risk seizure of their firearms and cancellation of their licence