Club Facilities

The facilities we can offer…

Situated on 5 hectares of land, the Club can offer a large range of facilities for its members and visitors, these include ample parking for cars and caravans, motor homes, tents. There areshowers and toilets, barbecues, a commercial grade kitchen to handle all of our catering requirements, and 7 individual ranges for the different matches conducted.
For further information regarding the most frequent matches that are conducted at the Club please go to the Matches page. For the various matches that we conduct, the approved ranges available are:
50 metre – 50 Metre Pistol (Free Pistol)
25 metre – Centre Fire, Standard Pistol, Rapid Fire (Ranges 2, 3 & 4)
50 yard – Service, Single Action, & .22 LR Bench Rest Rifle
10 metre – Air Pistol (Indoor)
10 metre – Single Action

Our Club ranges have been accredited and approved by the Weapons Licencing Branch of the Queensland Police Service, the following matches may be held at the Club:

  • Air Rifle Matches
  • 10 Metre Air Pistol Match
  • Black Powder Pistol 25 Metre
  • 25 Metre Centrefire Pistol
  • Mayleigh
  • PPC Match
  • Police and Service
  • Rimfire/Small-Bore Rifle matches
  • 25 Metre Rapid Fire Pistol
  • Single Action matches
  • Service Pistol
  • Service Pistol – 25 Yard
  • WA 1500 Match
  • 25 Metre Pistol
  • 50 Metre Pistol