Single Action

Single Action Match…

This page is a very brief overview of the Single Action Match.

The Single Action Match, previously called Western Action was started in the U.S.A. a few decades ago, and was shot using black powder or cartridge type guns.  It was to be a version of the ‘Old West Gunfight’, using copies or replicas of guns used in the wild west.  Firearms used in this match encompass single action revolvers, lever action rifles and side by side shotguns, commonly of the type used up until the 1890’s.  Calibres range from .38 to .45.  Participants dress in costume of the time and respect the traditions of that period.

Matches are conducted under the International Rules of Single Action shooting.

There are varying courses of fire (or stages or scenarios).  The stage usually depicts a sequence accompanied by a story line, to be shot in a pre determined order.  The match is a timed event in that the top score is determined by the most hits on the target in the shortest time.  This is most commonly shot over 15 metres, although there are longer distance stages and ‘side’ matches.

Targest used in the various stages are shrouded steel plates cut to size and can be various shapes, i.e. square, round, triangular or card shapes.  Each target must be shot with each type of gun in accordance with the sequence set out in the instructions for that stage.

It is worth knowing that there are as many varied stage set ups as there are western movies!