Membership Details

Membership is available to any unlicenced person over the age of 11 years providing that they have obtained the Statement of Eligibility from the Weapons Licencing Branch of the Queensland Police service. 

Membership is also available to persons who hold a current Queensland Firearms Licence (Categories A & B or Category H), these persons are not required to submit a Statement of Eligibility.  Full details are available on the how to join page.

We offer various levels of membership to cater for the applicants situation.  The levels of membership available are:

  • Full membership
  • Full Membership – Partner: available to those who are the spouse/partner of a Full member
  • Junior Membership – available to those aged between 11 and 17 years
  • Associate Membership – available to current members of an interstate or overseas Club who for example may be working temporarily in Queensland.
  • Associate Rifle Membership – for those who only wish to shoot .22LR Rimfire Bench rest rifle.

Membership Benefits

  • Free use of ranges during opening hours
  • Free targets
  • Use of club guns
  • Free coaching
  • Free reloading course
  • Free tea and coffee making facilities
  • Regular competitions conducted for those interested

Membership applications forms must be collected from the Club by the applicant, as an interview is required.  Please go to the how to join page for detailed information on the steps required to become a member of the Murrumba Pistol Club.

Membership Fees

The fees for the various levels of current membership for a full year are:

The above fees are pro-rata (1st July to 30th June the following Year) depending on the time of joining.  Once you have paid your membership fees there are no ongoing range fees no matter how many times you use the range facilities.

Tips after joining the Club….

  • Attend as many training sessions as possible to expand your knowledge and skills
  • Observe other experienced shooters
  • Ask questions, never miss an opportunity to gain more information
  • Observe types of firearms used, ask owners about them – cost, new/used, performance
  • Storage requirements – Do you have a safe?
  • Purchase the best fire arm that you can afford
  • Observe other matches, there are many each with their own requirements