Firearms Training

Once accepted into the Club, and you have paid your membership fees, unlicenced applicants will enter a 6 months probation period before they can apply for a concealable firearms licence. 

During your probation period, if you haven’t already done so, you will be required to undertake the Weapons Safety Course for categories A, B, & H and obtain the Certificate of Attainment.  Refer to the Safety Course page for full details on how to enrol for the course.

When you commence the probation period you will be supplied with  your own copy of the Club Training Manual which contains the following information:

  • Details of your training and the procedures that you must follow
  • Check lists that must be signed by your instructor as you progress
  • The Club By-Laws and Standing Orders
  • Weapons licencing and Legislation information
  • Application forms
  • Match guides & information
  • ISSF Pistol rules

The format for the unlicenced persons training program is as follows:

  • The designated Club training night is the 3rd Tuesday evening of each month commencing at 7:00pm
  • Members must wear their Club membership badge each time they visit the range
  • The Club will ensure that you have the use of a quality Club pistol for training
  • Be coached and monitored by a Club trainer
  • Before the Club will sign off your probation, you must demonstrate your understanding and proficiency in a number of matches
  • The Club Captain and your Training Officer will ensure you have an understanding of these requirements
  • During the probation period you are encouraged to observe other matches and participate in Club competitions at every opportunity